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Marketing For Her, Does Gender Matter?


In terms of marketing for a specific market: Sometimes. Generally, the nuances that you’ll adjust for gender differences are pretty subtle.

There are a few instances where it makes all the difference. If you’re website is about buying the right prom dress then your targe audience is obviously women (specifically teenage girls) only.

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That’s not to say women are the only people buying prom dresses but that is where the majority of your clicks and affiliate purchases will come from and that’s who you are targeting with your blog. Unless your blog is related to a gender- specific product then you can pretty much decide for yourself if you want to market for a specific gender.

Sometimes it makes sense to market for a particular gender. Video games, for example, are classically geared towards males in the 12-24 age group. This has been an industry standard for years since research shows the most sales from that group.

That being said, you might be alienating a whole market of potential readers and customers. In recent years the video game industry has found that they’ve lost millions in sales due to advertising campaigns that were considered to be misogynistic.

If you think that targeting a specific gender will increase sales then go ahead but the general rule of thumb is to try and create a blog that both genders can enjoy.

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Every consumer craves a mixed diet of content containing some men’s and some women’s items. That’s why it’s critical for email marketers to continually search for what inspires engagement. Based on a customer’s response to content, you could move, for example, from serving the individual 10 percent male content to 15 percent male content.

The customer’s behavior would influence what they are served next, and you can continue to adjust until the individual stops showing enthusiasm for it. This will enable you to fall into the 85 percent stat and, regardless of whether your customer is male or female, increase the odds for engagement. And after all, isn’t that the goal of your email marketing efforts?

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