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Affiliate  Software  And  Shopping  Carts

It  is  imperative  to  ensure  that  your  affiliate  software  and  your  shopping  cart  integrate  with  one  another.  If  they  do  not,  your  affiliate  software  cannot  track  sales  and  you  won’t  know  which  commission  belongs  to  each  affiliate.  

Some  shopping  carts  have  their  own  built  in  affiliate  program  and  that  may  be  a  good  solution  for  your  business.  This  normally  works  if  you  just  have  one  website  for  your  affiliate  program.    An  example  affiliate  program/shopping  cart  would  be  A member,  which  could  also  be  used  as  a  membership  site.  

Tracking Your  Sales

If  you  want  your  affiliate  program  to  track  sales  from  more  than  one  website  then  a  program  such  as  a  Affiliate program  may  be  more  suitable.  This  software  is  capable  on  tracking  from  different  sites  and  it  saves  your  affiliates  from  having  to  use  two  different  affiliate  platforms  for  their  links.  Keep  this  option  in  mind  if  you  have  plans  to  expand  your  affiliate  program  in  the  near  future.  

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 Finding  A  Compatible  Affiliate  Program

If  you  already  have  a  shopping  cart  in  place,  and  don’t  want  to  change  it,  then  finding  a  compatible  affiliate  program  is  key.  If  you  are  not  sure  ask  their  support  team  if  the  platform  will  work  for  you.  Many  programs  will,  but  sometimes  you  will  need  to  start  adding  snippets  of  code  into  your  shopping  cart.  This  may  or  may  not  be  something  you  are  comfortable  with.  

Finding A Compatible Affiliate Program 1  - Affiliate  Software  And  Shopping  Carts

Running  Your  Website  On  WordPress

If  you  run  your  website  on  wordpress  then  you  have  several  options  for  running  an  affiliate  program  with  your  shopping  cart.  Woo  Commerce  integrates  with  options  such  as  the  affiliate  platform.  Then  there  is  the  WP  E  Store  combinations  of  plugins.  One  for  the  actual  store  and  another  for  the  affiliate  program.  

If  you  don’t  have  too  many  products  at  the  moment  you  may  want  to  look  at  programs  such  as  or  JV  Zoo.  This  will  depend  upon  your  business  model  as  well  and  who  your  target  market  is. research both affiliate platforms and integrations with shopping carts  700x256 - Affiliate  Software  And  Shopping  Carts

It  is  in  your  best  interests  to  take  your  time  and  research  both  affiliate  platforms  and  integrations  with  shopping  carts.  If  you  find  an  affiliate  program  that  is  perfect  
for  you,  it  may  be  worth  changing  your  shopping  cart  if  necessary.    Rather  make  one  change  now  and  be  happy  with  it,  then  regretting  your  decision  in  a  few  months.  

Ensuring  that  your  affiliate  software  and  shopping  cart  work  together  flawlessly  will  provide  a  great  experience  for  both  your  customers  and  your  affiliates.  Your  affiliates  will  have  the  tools  to  refer  new  customers  for  you.  In  return  they  will  receive  regular  commissions  from  you.  

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