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Advertising  Your  Affiliate  Program

Once  your  affiliate  program  is  up  and  running,  you  need  to  work  on  advertising  it. There  are  several  ways  to  do  this. You  could  run  Facebook  ads,  list  your  program  in   affiliate  directories,  use  Bing  or  AdSense  advertising  and  more.

Before  you  run  any  type  of  advertsing  you  want  to  create  an  affiliate  sign  up page  on  your  website. This  page  should  convey  all  the  details  about  your  program

Counting  Things  Such  As:

• How  you  pay  affiliates  – Paypal  or  by  check

• How  often  you  pay  your  affiliates  – monthly,  weekly,  biweekly

• What  your  commission  rate  is

• If  you  pay  by  sale,  lead  or  click

• If  you  offer  two  or  three  level  payment  levels

• What  currency  you  pay  out  in

• If  you  require  a  threshold  to  be  met  before  being  paid

Frequently Asked Questions section 2  700x331 - Advertising  Your  Affiliate  Program

It  is  also  helpful  to  have  a  Frequently  Asked  Questions  section

In  this  area  you  would  address  any  specific  concerns. This  might  include  approving  affiliates  only  if they  have  a  PayPal  account. Or then again  you  might  need  to  restrict  accepting  affiliates  from  certain  countries.

Different  areas  to  address  include  tips  on  how  to  make  links 

For links, if  you  include  affiliate  tools  and  resources  and  if  you  have  a  support  desk  for  your  affiliates. The  more  concerns  you  can  address  head  on  will  help  to  improve  your  affiliate  sign  up  rate.

have your contact information on your affiliate page 3 700x420 - Advertising  Your  Affiliate  Program

It  can  also  help  to  have  your  contact  information  on  your  affiliate  page

This  way  if  a  prospective  affiliate  has  a  question  they  can  contact  you  immediately. Make yourself  as  accessible  as  possible. Guarantee  that  your  affiliate  sign  up  process  is  easy  to  understand. Keep in mind  that  some  of  your  affiliates  may  be  brand  new,  so  a  seamless  process  is  important.

At that point  once  your  affiliate  has  signed  up  check  to  see  if  they  know  how  to  navigate  to  their  affiliate  area. See  if  they  understand  how  to  create  links  and  make  use  of standards  and  any  tools  that  you  have  provided.

your affiliates on a separate mailing list 4  - Advertising  Your  Affiliate  Program

It  can  be  helpful  to  have  your  affiliates  on  a  separate  mailing  list

This  way  you  can  answer  any  questions,  send  out  timely  information  and  let  affiliates  know  when new  offers  are  ready  for  promoting.

Some  affiliate  software  will  have  a  built  in  email  manager,  while  others  do  not. You  can  always  set  this  up  by  using  an  autoresponder  service  such  as  A weber  or   GetResponse.

One  way  to  advertise  your  affiliate  program  is  by  suggesting  that  your  own  customers  become  affiliates. After  all  they  know  and  love  your  products,  so  why  not  show  them  a  way  to  get  their  products  at  a  cheaper  price?

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