Tip: Why Using *Unique Content* Alone Might Hurt Your Business…

They say the best method a blog or your website can get a
visitor to keep on coming back is by providing them with
unique and quality content.

Unique and Quality content. We see this term floating all
around the web.

Not to toot my own horn, but I have long abided by
this golden rule. Long before it became the golden rule

But in my time reading other people’s blogs, I have found
that many people follow this rule Blindly.

The problem arises when people Blindly follow this rule
and come up with unique content which serves No interest
to anyone.

Even if you write unique stuff for your blog, you ain’t gonna
see much of a rise in traffic if the topic of discussion is of
does not tick the interest you’re your readers.

Come to think of it, there aren’t really many blogs that I
find interesting enough to bookmark or worth visiting the
or the second time these days.

Yes if your content is boring… then it’s pretty much the
end of the story for that visitor.

So, unique content alone is just not enough.

It has to be unique and interesting at the same time
and lastly (but not least) something that provides Value 
at the end.

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You have to come up something with your visitors in mind.
Remember, it’s always about them. It’s always for them.

So get to know them better. Find out what they are interested in.

There are many things that you can learn from your visitors.
You can use what you learn to turn your future produce unique,
interesting, valuable and powerful contents which resonates
positively through you audiences.

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