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How To Use Canva

This video will teach you how to use Canva to create your own design.
Here in Canva, you can design for all sorts of platform, for example for social media, presentation, poster, facebook post, blog graphic and more.

For this example video, I will show you how to create your own customized presentation design. So let’s click on Presentation.

The first thing you’ll see is the Layouts tab on the right hand side. Canva provides you an array of layouts you can use to start with. Click on any one that you like and you can start working with it or get some inspiration to design one your own.

Here I’m just going to click on this one that I like, and it will appear here at your design sheet. Under the Search tab is where a Canva image library is located. There’s more than one million images ready for you to use.


There’s a lot of popular collections here that you can use, for example lines, banners, grids, text holders and more.

Just type in the Search box if there’s a specific image you’re looking for, let’s say flower, images of flowers will appear and you can pick any one that you like and drag it into your design sheet.

Next up is your Text tab. You can add any text into your design or you can use the ones provided by Canva over here. Click on Add heading and you can key in any text that you want and place it anywhere that you wish. If you click on Background, you can choose to add a solid color or a patterned background, you can even use a stock photo if you want to.

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For example I will click on this pattern, and my design background will turn into that pattern as you can see.

The last tab is for your own Uploads. You can upload your own image files by clicking Upload your own images, or directly drag and drop the file onto your design sheet, you can also upload images from your Facebook by clicking on this Facebook button. When you’re done with your design, you can click on Share & Publish at the top right corner.

There’ll be a link provided over here where you can share the link to your design to anyone, and those with a Canva account can even open and also edit the design if they want.

Or you can publish your design as an image file or publish it on any social media you wish to share on. This is how you can use Canva to create your own design and share it anywhere and with anyone you want.

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