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How To Design Your Landing Pages For Better Conversion

Some time ago there was a period where all I could  think about was how could I come up with new ways to generate traffic to my site.

I didn’t pay much attention to the traffic that I already had coming in. I thought once that I generate traffic,  that was it. That was all I had to do.

But as luck would have it, I came across an article on the web talking about importance of landing pages.  So I revisited my landing pages, and I have to admit, they were less than satisfactory. So I did further  research and then proceeded to work on the  improvement of my landing pages giving in the hopes of increasing conversions.

And boy, did it ever.

And I am going to share with you today what I  have learned.

In this special 2 part series of the DO’s and DON’Ts  in designing your LANDING pages, the first part  today we will focus on the fatal mistakes that you  can and SHOULD avoid

1) Be Clear

Inserting too many links or navigation  on your sales page only further confuses your potential prospects and it can leave them disorganized.  The desired call of action can easily be overwhelmed  with these amount of choices at hand.

2) Design Disaster

1st impression counts. Whether it  is in real life or in cyberspace. And in the
World Wide Web, people can already have a first  impression on your site as fast as under a second.  That’s not much time to make an impact doesn’t it?
Having overly-colorful choices of design for your  site can be just as distracting or damaging as  having none at all.

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3) Reputation

If you are a yet-to-be an established  company or brand name then you are going need  to earn the trust of your visitors if you want them to do business with you. Validation such as testimonials from recognized and trusted names
is a great way to establish the credibility of  your company.

4) Information Overload

Information is good but if you squeeze everything  in one landing page, it’ll just look like 1 big boring wall of text. Too much text can easily turn off
visitors as they will have a hard time separating the facts from the fluff. This can leave easily them frustrated. And that’s the last thing you want to do.

5) Form Filling

It’s alright for a landing page to have a form  to gather additional information from its visitors. But you know when a form has simply too many fields to fill when you actually have to mouse-scroll or press page down more than once to see it from head to toe. Don’t expect many people to take the effort to fill in such a lengthy form (on a sales page). You’ll be lucky if there are any even.

Ok, we’ve about covered it for the NO-NOs when it comes to your landing page. Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this newsletter where we talk about what  you SHOULD do on your landing page to help with conversion.

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