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Traffic Now

Getting Traffic To Your Website Fast To Generate Increased Sales Now…

The best way to do market research is to stalk your competitors and see what
they’re doing. There are a number of different ways you can get that information
and then use it to your advantage. It does take work and persistence. However,
think how quickly your traffic can grow if you manage to find a site that is quickly
building their audience and your content, along with backlinks to your site, is

plastered all over their pages. You will quickly zoom up the ladder of visibility and you will see the results of your efforts.

Here is a step-by-step way to approach your market research in a methodical
manner so as to use your time to the best advantage:

  • 1. Understand your market niche and keywords you are targeting,
  • 2. Go to Google and type in the keyword to find your competitors on the first
    five search result pages,
  • 3. Visit each of these to see if you can add content and backlinks to the site to
    increase your traffic,
  • 4. Take note of the most popular topics/content on these sites so you can later
    copy them,
  • 5. Target a few of these for copy cat efforts,
  • 6. Check out those few for their target market by visiting,
  • 7. Use to find out more about the demographics of these sites
    and what other sites might have an interest in that content,
  • 8. Build content that is very similar to the sites you’ve targeted,
  • 9. Submit it to the same people who linked to those sites, using similar
    keywords, titles, etc,
  • 10. Reply to comments and build a buzz around your content.

Traffic Now

Generate Increased Sales Now…

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