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Creating A Squeeze Page That Stands Out

Using squeeze pages is a popular tactic among Internet marketers and as you probably know, the one and only main objective of this simple web page is to convert as many of your visitors into subscribers as possible through the act of getting them to subscribe to your open list.

Creating A Squeeze Page That Stands Out 1 - Creating A Squeeze Page That Stands Out

Creating an effective splash page

This can increase your conversion rate from 10 – 20% to a more manageable rate of 40% or more with just a few guided steps. Understand your target audience, find your catch phrase and keywords, study other squeeze and splash pages, and follow the basics of 10 minute squeeze page making. You too can build your own squeezepage in 10 minutes and convert far more clients to your sales page then you would have previously imagined.

Making Your Squeeze Page  - Creating A Squeeze Page That Stands Out

Making Your Squeeze Page

Your squeeze page creation , matters if you desire fast and effective results that will change the course of your online profits. You can do your own basic web design and layout in just a few minutes. All you need to remember and master these 6 key attitudes when creating your squeeze page or opt-in landing page.

• Color and font of layout, Use Only Black lettering, Headline can be dark red (most effective Font needs to be easy to read.

• Color of background of print area and the page itself.

• Images and graphics, Make sure the images you use are simple and reflect what your product is or does.

• Wording and message, Your message needs to be clear. State your benefit, State your purpose. Ask for a sign up. Tell the reader what they need to do and when.

• Simple sign in space that accepts a person’s information such as name and email address.

• Keeping it simple.

The more straightforward you can make your press page the quicker your arrival on your venture. While making a squeezepage to pull in new clients to your site and mailing show it is critical to recollect the above expression. Simply recollect the expression “Keep it straightforward, Stupid” and you will succeed.

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