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Affiliate  Program  Options

When  it  comes  to  starting  your  own  affiliate  program  you  do  have  plenty  of  options.  The  way  you  eventually  run  your  program  will  depend  upon  several  items.  One  large  consideration  is  the  type  of  products  or  services  that  you  offer,  and  the  way  in  which  your  products  or  services  are  delivered.  

Affiliate Program Options 3  - Affiliate  Program  Options

Let’s  take  a  look  at  a  few  examples

If  you  look  at  different  websites  for  health  related  products  you  will  notice  that many  of  them  have  an  affiliate  program.  

Market  health  is  a  huge  example  of  this. While  their  products  are  shipped  physically  they  can  s.ll  offer  a  good  commission  rate  to  affiliates. This  is  because  their  products  are  consumable.  Customers  will  order  the  same  product  each  month. This  helps  to  lower  the  company’s  overall  costs  so  they  can  produce  higher  amounts  and  know  that  their  products  will  sell.  

Amazon  has  a  similar  process

They  have  thousands  of  products  and,  a  huge  amount  of  daily  traffic  to  their  website.  Plus  they  know  that  they  have  returning  customers.  So  they  have  no  problems  sharing  a  small  portion  of  this  with  their  affiliates.

While  you  may  have  thought  of  running  an  affiliate  program  on  your  own  website, there  are  third  party  solutions  that  you  don’t  want  to  overlook. Some  of  these  include  sites  like  ShareaSale,  ClickBank  and  Commission  Junction. Inside  each  of  these  places  there  are  thousands  of  smaller  affiliate  programs.  Each  merchant  signs  up  under  the  larger  umbrella  and  can  take  advantage  of  the  exposure  created  by  them.  

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When  affiliates  are  searching  for  an  affiliate  program  to  join 

They  will  often  visit  these  main  sites. They  simply  type  in  the  type  of  program  they  are  looking  for  and  then  evaluate  the  results.  Can  you  imagine  if  your  program  was  listed  here,  how  much  more  exposure  you  could  get!  

This  is  why  it  is  important  to  evaluate  what  type  of  products  you  have  and  if  they  are  suitable  for offering  in  this  manner.  Even  if  you  ship  physical  products  you  can  still  benefit  from  affiliate  sales.  


Clickbank  is  more  suitable  to  digital  products. If  you  have  training  courses  or  even  a  membership  site  that  offers digital  content  you  can  benefit  by  being  listed  on  their  site.  

You  must  get  approved  as  a  merchant  on  any  third  party  site  and  some  of  them  will  require  a  payment  fee  upfront.  Just  remember  though  that  they  will  be  helping  you  recruit  affiliates.  So  even  though  you  pay  a  fee  to  join,  this  can  help reduce  your  overall  advertising  costs  for  your  program.  

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